Kids College Planning

right education is the best gift to your children!

Sudden unforeseen expenses can cause financial distress and it becomes very complicated sometimes, especially when you have to plan for for one or more kids college expenses. So it’s better to plan ahead!

Inflation and other expenses are growing along with your children and can overpower your savings in future. Planning for Kids College when they are young is the smartest decision parents can make. A perfect kids college planning can cover all your kids college expenses in future and provide better security and peace to your future financial planning without any worries.

Parents are the best teachers for children when comes to financial discipline, it is very important to let your children learn about the savings and the gift of investments. It will also make the kids financially responsible.

why plan only for kid's college when a vehicle can endure and help your kids through every stage of life?

Prepaid Education Plans or 529 Plans are great but-

  • What if you needed the liquidity for an unbelievable business or real estate opportunity before they went to college? You miss out on incredible returns if you were trapped inside a 529.

Also, 529’s die as soon as you exhaust the funds for college.

What if by keeping their vehicle continuously compounding you could have these same college savings deposits also help with:

  • Cars
  • Down payments for future homes
  • Seed money for a solid business idea
  • Ongoing emergency/opportunity fund
  • Tax-exempt retirement income
  • And so on


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