secure your financial house

This is how every individual/family’s FINANCIAL HOUSE should look like.

Now lets start with some questions-

■ What is the first thing we need to take care of our health? Health Insurance

■ What is the first thing we need when we buy a car? Auto Insurance

■ What is the first thing you need when you buy a house? Home owners Insurance

So, why not protect the individual that makes all of these possible?

The 1st thing a family needs is Protection even before they invest any money.

○ Consider a situation where an individual invests 5K every year into an IRA for 5 years

○ Lets assume a best case scenario that after 5 years, 25K becomes 100K.

○ Now if this individual passes away, how much money does the family get? 110K

○ Instead, what if the individual had got a $1M TERM life by paying $50-75/month? The family would get $1M.

This is the reason the first thing a family needs is protection to have that peace of mind.


Once protection is taken care of, you need to plan for -> Emergencies, Home Purchase, Kids College, Retirement.

■ Any vehicle we choose here needs to be 100% safe because we cannot afford to lose money for any of these.


Now that the Protection and Financial foundation are taken care of, you can use rest of your funds for diversification be it Stocks, Mutual Funds, Real Estate or even Bitcoins!


Finally, you make sure that your Estate Planning is done and you strive for Tax efficiency.

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