X – Curve


X-Curve is a financial concept that help families become financially responsible.

Why is it called an X-Curve? Because it looks like an X.

The line from top to bottom is the “Responsibilities” line.

The line from bottom to top is the “Wealth” line.

X-axis represents the age- when we are young -> until we grow old.

Unless somebody has inherited wealth, this is how every individuals financial “GRAPH” would look like.

When we are young, our responsibilities are high – Get educated, get a job, buy a car, get married, kids, home and so on.

Because our responsibilities are high, it is likely that our savings would be low.

If we make right financial choices, gradually with time, our responsibilities would go down and our wealth would increase.

When I am in my 20s/30s – I am in wealth building mode.

When I am in my 30s until 50s, I want to continue to build wealth but at the same time want to make sure that we also protect it.

When I am ready to retire – I need to consider 2 factors, my health and my retirement income.

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